Thousands of Metro Vancouver residents rely on HandyDART to get to daily medical appointments, adult daycare centres, and other essential services.

So why is TransLink increasingly replacing this critical service with undertrained taxis that don’t provide the same door-to-door service?

Sign our petition today to minimize the use of taxis at HandyDART and protect the future of this service by bringing
it in-house!

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We know that Metro Vancouver’s aging population creates an impending crisis where more people will be relying on paratransit.

HandyDART could also speed its transition to electrify the fleet. There is a significant opportunity in accessing more provincial and federal funding for electrifying transit and building permanent in-house operations centres.

Now is the time to fix HandyDART!

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Our coalition is surveying riders to tell us about how they’ve been directly affected by TransLink’s increasing use of taxis. Your answers will help us show decision makers that riders care about having trained, professional drivers do the pick up. If you would like to take the survey anonymously that’s fine! Just check off the “Please remain anonymous” box at the end.

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"Taxi drivers are not trained in dealing with seniors, people with disabilities and people with mobility challenges. In most instances they have been unwilling to help. They do not even get out of the cab to assist you from the door or even into the cab. They do not give attention to safety. I am not even buckled in and they start driving...When I know that it is a [HandyDART] bus picking me up, it gives me a feeling of relief to know that I am in good hands and my ride will be an enjoyable experience, as HandyDart drivers are consistent in their routine, patient, and they even anticipate when I need help."
-Gwen, a longtime rider

"Please stop using taxis as a replacement for HandyDART drivers and buses! HandyDART drivers are very helpful; I need the back lift and have a cane as well as a cart; there is never a problem assisting me and I am always assisted to the entrance door of my appointment; on returning drivers always search me out to find me in a reception area; I have nothing but compliments and thanks for experienced and helpful HandyDART drivers."
-Patricia, a longtime rider

I had scheduled an important appointment but the day before I was told that my scheduled times had been changed. They said they would pick me up an hour later than I had scheduled and that this was the only way I could get a HandyDART ride. I was also told that they would only be able to provide a ride to my appointment and they couldn’t provide one back. On the day of they sent me a taxi, which took me to a halfway point where I then had to wait for an actual HandyDART driver. The current system is completely unacceptable; the taxis are a problem because I’ve had so many drive away without even giving me a call to let me know they’ve arrived!  
-- Ghislaine, a HandyDART rider

"HandyDART drivers are usually pleasant and helpful... I much prefer bus drivers versus taxi drivers. I have a NO TAXI alert on my file so I don't have to deal with the stress of the taxi riding experience."
-Barbara, a longtime rider

Thank you to everyone who joined the Save Our HandyDART online town hall on September 20th. There were over 100 community members at our Zoom meeting, representing HandyDART riders, caregivers, advocates, and workers. Many of their stories clearly demonstrated the failure of TransLink to uphold the safety and quality that every HandyDART rider deserves.  Yet, despite these negative experiences, we also heard heartwarming stories of care, gratitude, and solidarity. Please watch this YouTube video of their testimonials, and share it with your family and friends.

Save Our HandyDART is a coalition of rider activists, disability justice advocates, and labour organizations who have come together to fight for the future of HandyDART.